What I’d Give For You

Hold my heart,

Don’t grab too hard.

I give you my soul;

The basis of my very being.

I’d take my breath for you,

And give it to your lifeless corpse.

Id drain my self,

Just for you to drink the blood.

I’ll give you my hands,

For you to feel my rotting skin.

I give you the light from my eyes;

The sprit that is me.

I’ll kiss you one last time,

As we drift away into the fire pits of home.

Just promise to never let me go,

This would be the worst pain I’d ever endure.

You are the heart that beats in my chest.

You are the beauty that is my soul.

You are the breath that keeps me breathing.

You are the blood that makes me strong.

You are my hands that allow me to feel your heartbeat.

You are the light from my eyes that keep me from dying.

Your kiss keeps me together.

You, is me.

I, am you.


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